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Purushottam Public Trust About Us
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Art guides us to evolve; sometimes with gentle nudges and sometimes with startling bolts of creative lightening. The accessibility of art is a gauge of freedom in a society, and the appreciation of it exalts us. Art is not only a mirror to society but also a crystal ball. It is a space that society yields itself to celebrate achievements, comment on lacunae, explore new thought boundaries and push the envelope of legacy practices. Art as a discipline helps exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, evaluation, & "problem-finding." In a nutshell, art is vital for society to flourish.

But for art to flourish it is obvious that artists must flourish. Unfortunately the path to success for an artist is largely rocky and unpaved; filled with obstacles and challenges. While many artists succeed, plenty fail. The struggle during the initial days can be excruciating.

We at Purushottam Public Trust, hope to play a small role by helping talented budding artists, especially printmakers.


Under the trusteeship of Paresh Saraiya, Rahul Subberwal and Rini Dhumal, the Purushottam Public Trust has been instituted to carry forward the legacy of P.D. Dhumal. Its key nurtures and helps flourish the disciples of printmaking and graphic arts.


It aims to deploy diverse mechanisms as seminars, workshops, camps, scholarships and training centres to achieve the dual objective of enhancing the stature and appreciation of  printmaking and printmakers plus providing Indian printmakers the avenues to interact and assimilate with the global art scene.

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Rini Dhumal

A prolific artist and printmaker, Prof Rini Dhumal is a prominent figure in the contemporary art world. Born 1948 in East Bengal, she is the recipient of numerous awards, grants and fellowships that propelled her onto the global platform. Prof Rini Dhumal has numerous solo exhibitions to her credit in both- India and abroad, and has participated in national and international group exhibitions, workshops and camps. She has also taught at the  Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda as Professor and Head of Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts and has published limited edition books/travelogues of her visits to Burma, Bali, China and Bangladesh which combine her love for travel with art. She currently works and resides in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Rahul Subberwal

Principal Architect and Partner at The Architectural Studio, New Delhi, Mr. Rahul Subberwal is a keen patron of the arts and creative endeavour. Exploring and innovating with the boundaries between art and architecture through his work and designs, he stands firm in his commitment to and support for original and refined ideas and expression. Born 1980, he obtained a Bachelors of Architecture degree from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, from where he went on to establish his own firm. He currently resides and works in New Delhi and Vadodara, undertaking specialised projects in Architectural Design, Interior, Conservation and Urban Regeneration. 

Paresh Saraiya

Managing Director of Transpek-Silox Industry Limited, Vadodara- a market leader in the field of inorganic chemicals-  Mr Paresh Saraiya is well respected figure in the industrial circles of Vadodara. His business acumen, leadership skills and rare blend of entrepreneurship help bring fresh force and perspectives to his endeavours and undertakings. Born 1953 in Mumbai, he is actively involved in promoting art, culture and environmental preservation. To this effect he is associated with various socio cultural organisations, as well as being a keen supporter of budding artistic talent. A dear friend of Shri. P. D. Dhumal, he currently resides and works in Vadodara, Gujarat. 

Vijay Bagodi

Born in Gulbarga, Karnataka in 1959, Mr. Vijay Bagodi completed his Diploma in Painting and Post Diploma in Printmaking (Graphic Arts), Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Baroda in 1986. He came to Baroda as a student in the mid-eighties and except for a brief stint at Mysore, has been teaching and practicing printmaking in Baroda.  He has achieved national awards for his work as a printmaker and has also participated in several national and international exhibitions. Mr. Bagodi has been a working in the printmaking medium for more than twenty years now and his works are based on his observations of life around him, both personal and social. He currently works and resides in Vadodara, Gujarat. 

Dattatraya Apte

Born in 1953, Mr. Dattatraya Apte completed his diploma in Drawing and Painting from Government of Maharashtra, B.A. (Hons.) from University of Pune, M.A from Government of Maharashtra, and diploma in Printmaking from M.S. University of Baroda. He has exhibited his works in several solo and group shows in India and abroad, and has received numerous awards in the field of visuals arts. 

Sangeeta Purohit

Sangeeta Purohit is the co-founder of Cognito, a full service design agency and sustainability advisory specializing in seeding and cascading the practice of sustainability in organisations through successful deployment of multi-disciplinary design and communication tools. Their client list includes many progressive organizations like IDFC, Mahindra, Reliance Industries, Taj Hotels, Citibank, HUL plus a host of startups and NGOs. Before her journey as an entrepreneur, Sangeeta spent six years in academics teaching graphic design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara.

Sangeeta is a communication designer, with a passion for typography, and in over 24 years of design practice has executed and guided various projects comprising Publication design, Space & Exhibit design, Identity Design, Advertising design, Web Design, Event Design and Design collateral.

Jayanti Rabadia

Jayanti Rabadia was born in 1959 in Dharoji, Gujarat. He graduated with a Diploma in painting from Vallabh Vidhyanagar in 1983. He also pursued a Post Diploma in Graphic Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts in 1985 and a Post Diploma in Mural painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda in 1988. Currently, he is the Associate professor of Department of Fine Arts at the M.S. University of Baroda. He lives and works in Baroda.

Ruchika Agrawal

Ruchika Agrawal an interior designer by education is the founder and managing director of Red Earth Art Gallery. It is a premier fine art display and exhibition space and one of the largest galleries in western India. It has hosted multiple retrospectives,solo and group exhibitions over the past several years across India.
Ruchika's  sense of aesthetics and design have resulted in remarkable shows.

Ruchika is passionate about theatre,dance,art and music.And also loves exploring and learning about varied cultures and Cusines. 

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