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Purushottam Public Trust About Us
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Art guides us to evolve; sometimes with gentle nudges and sometimes with startling bolts of creative lightening. The accessibility of art is a gauge of freedom in a society, and the appreciation of it exalts us. Art is not only a mirror to society but also a crystal ball. It is a space that society yields itself to celebrate achievements, comment on lacunae, explore new thought boundaries and push the envelope of legacy practices. Art as a discipline helps exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, evaluation, & "problem-finding." In a nutshell, art is vital for society to flourish.

But for art to flourish it is obvious that artists must flourish. Unfortunately the path to success for an artist is largely rocky and unpaved; filled with obstacles and challenges. While many artists succeed, plenty fail. The struggle during the initial days can be excruciating.

We at Purushottam Public Trust, hope to play a small role by helping talented budding artists, especially printmakers.


Under the trusteeship of Paresh Saraiya, Rahul Subberwal and Rini Dhumal, the Purushottam Public Trust has been instituted to carry forward the legacy of P.D. Dhumal. Its key nurtures and helps flourish the disciples of printmaking and graphic arts.


It aims to deploy diverse mechanisms as seminars, workshops, camps, scholarships and training centres to achieve the dual objective of enhancing the stature and appreciation of  printmaking and printmakers plus providing Indian printmakers the avenues to interact and assimilate with the global art scene.

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At its very outset, the Purushottam Public Trust was formed and driven by a passion and a concern for young artists in the field of printmaking. The undertakings and initiatives  of  the  Trust  are  driven  by  this  force,  which  has shaped  both- its core objectives as well as

the interfaces that constitute it.

Broadly, the aims of Purushottam Public Trust can therefore be articulated into the following three objectives:

1. Explore new thought boundaries and push the envelope of legacy practises through Art, especially in the field of printmaking

2. Create a feedback loop that informs, inspires and fuels the very artistic expressions vital for our society to flourish

3. Provide initial momentum to deserving artists as they leave the cocooned existence of the university and embark on their professional journey

These core objectives have birthed a set of aims and intentions which the Trust is wholeheartedly committed to, employing them to enlighten its efforts and steps. Both- in the long and short term- the Trust seeks to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To engage visionary and leading teachers, professors, instructors and experts in the field to efficiently and economically impart up-dated information to students in Graphic Arts and Printmaking, as well as intellectual and other pursuits.

  • To confer scholarships, prizes or awards to deserving students in order to help advance the education in Printmaking.

  • To develop a healthy as well as critical attitude towards the mental, physical and moral upliftment of students and those connected with the institution, to mould good citizens.

  • To organize camps, workshops and seminars for the purpose of advancing the profession of printmaking and related fields, and to attract young and talented students to the profession.

  • To establish training centers for education/ learning in it’s various fields and branches.

  • To impart quality and value–added education and training in Printmaking, Graphic Arts and Education to make youth employable in global market. 

  • Build a Centre for excellence in Graphic Arts and technical education in training, as an aid to teaching for the all round development of society.

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