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Purushottam Public Trust About Us
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Art guides us to evolve; sometimes with gentle nudges and sometimes with startling bolts of creative lightening. The accessibility of art is a gauge of freedom in a society, and the appreciation of it exalts us. Art is not only a mirror to society but also a crystal ball. It is a space that society yields itself to celebrate achievements, comment on lacunae, explore new thought boundaries and push the envelope of legacy practices. Art as a discipline helps exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, evaluation, & "problem-finding." In a nutshell, art is vital for society to flourish.

But for art to flourish it is obvious that artists must flourish. Unfortunately the path to success for an artist is largely rocky and unpaved; filled with obstacles and challenges. While many artists succeed, plenty fail. The struggle during the initial days can be excruciating.

We at Purushottam Public Trust, hope to play a small role by helping talented budding artists, especially printmakers.


Under the trusteeship of Paresh Saraiya, Rahul Subberwal and Rini Dhumal, the Purushottam Public Trust has been instituted to carry forward the legacy of P.D. Dhumal. Its key nurtures and helps flourish the disciples of printmaking and graphic arts.


It aims to deploy diverse mechanisms as seminars, workshops, camps, scholarships and training centres to achieve the dual objective of enhancing the stature and appreciation of  printmaking and printmakers plus providing Indian printmakers the avenues to interact and assimilate with the global art scene.

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The Purushottam Public Trust has committed to channels its efforts and intentions into five primary initiatives. These directly, and indirectly, achieve and facilitate in meeting our core objectives, creating new frontiers, platforms and awareness in the field of printmaking.


Core Objective: Explore new thought boundaries and push the envelope of legacy practises through Art, especially in the field of printmaking

Initiative 01:  Research & Publications

In its constant endeavour to promote and contribute to the field of Graphic Arts and Printmaking, the Trust supports the conduct of high quality research at all levels and support access to resources necessary to conduct such research. Focussed on helping the proliferation of the Arts, the Trust shall also publish, disseminate and support the publication of high quality research in the field for the benefit of artists, development of the discipline, and the wider public good.

The Trust also publishes portfolios of artists’ works, including graphic prints, for the purposes of awareness, promotion and fundraising. To date, we have published a portfolio of limited edition prints by past students of Shri P.D. Dhumal; titled ‘Anant’, the portfolio showcases the work and intentions that went into creating and driving the Trust. To find out more about past and current publications, kindly visit our Publications page. 

Initiative 02: Exhibitions

The Purushottam Public Trust also seeks to create platforms for presenting, discussing and learning about the Arts, with particular focus on Printmaking, and developing interfaces that make both the artist and his/her art more accessible to the public. Working in collaboration with leading art galleries, we shall therefore offer regular exhibitions of individual and group shows, offering these at little to no cost to the artist.

These exhibitions are often the culmination of other initiatives such as annual award cycles, or are used to raise both funds and awareness for the Trust itself. The Purushottam Annual Merit Award, for instance, offers the recipient an opportunity to showcase his works at a prominent art gallery in Vadodara at the end of the award cycle. To find out more about this exhibition, as well as other upcoming events, kindly visit our Events page here


Core Objective: Create a feedback loop that informs, inspires, and fuels the very artistic expressions vital for our society to flourish

Initiative 03: Printmaking Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

The Trust keenly supports those who pursue Printmaking related education, careers and activities by providing topical and relevant information through appropriate formats. Organizing professional training in skills, techniques and practises, as well creating feedback loops to inform, inspire and stir current and future artists, the Trust shall have a calendar of regular events through the year in cities across India.

Commencing in the year 2016-17, these events shall see the Trust shall collaborate with leading artists, figures and institutions to offer informative and inspiring workshops, lectures and seminars. To find out more about upcoming events, kindly visit our Events page. 

Initiative 04: Awareness, Promotion & Advocacy

The Purushottam Public Trust seeks to inform and inspire not just the artist, but the public at large as well. We believe that the serious study and exploration of the Arts is a fundamental component to building a healthy society with rich cultural sectors and cultural industries, and that these are vital to the rapidly developing Indian economy. The Trust has thus pooled its resources to work with like-minded organizations and individuals- in India and abroad- to promote these beliefs, principles and interests to funders, policy makers and the wider public. 

If you would like to collaborate with us in our efforts, we would love to hear from you. Kindly contact us here


Core Objective: Provide initial momentum to deserving artists as they leave the cocooned existence of the university, and embark on their professional journey.

Initiative 05: Awards

As a gesture of promoting young and upcoming talent in the field of Printmaking, the Trust offers financial support to students and artists to pursue activities, education and careers in the field. Instituting scholarships as well as offering individual grants, the Trust seeks to power creative and artistic effort and exploration, as well as the production of high quality prints and works. To this effect, the Trust has instituted the Purushottam Annual Merit Award, collaborating with the Department of Graphic Arts at M. S. University, Vadodara.

To read more about current and past award cycles, as well as to find out more about our awardees, visit our Scholarships page. 

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