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The Purushottam Public Trust Artist Portfolios

The Purushottam Public Trust Artist Portfolios
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The Purushottam Public Trust engages contemporary artists and creative enterprise in the interest of future artists and enterprise. This intent finds expression through our host of initiatives, as well as the activities and efforts that guide, nurture and fund the Trust.


As part of this continued endeavour, to promote young talent in the field of Printmaking and create interfaces within the artistic community and with the public at large, the Trust has a publishing arm. We focus on publishing relevant literature as well as portfolios of artists’ works, including limited prints, for the purposes of awareness, promotion and fundraising.

In keeping with these efforts, we offer limited editions of fine prints by some of the leading

contemporary artists on sale. The proceeds from all sales are used to sponsor, inform and inspire future generations of print makers. 


Beginning with Anant- an endless celebration of graphic art- these carefully curated portfolios of artistic works bring together a wealth of artistic talent, technique and expression. We consistently engage with artists to bring fresh and inspiring works to the fore; therefore do check in with us from time to time to view our current collections. 

If you would like to purchase an artist portfolio, inquire about prices or find out more,  kindly get in touch with us. 

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ANANT - An Endless Celebration of Graphic Art

Artists : Various Artists

Technique : Etching / Serigraphy / Wood Cut / Dry Point / Digital

Size : 18" x 24"

Edition : 10/10

Year of Production : 2012

Price : On Request

Anant brings together limited editions of fine prints by past students of Shri P. D. Dhumal, collating these works into four stirring portfolios. Commemorating his retirement from the Department of Graphic Arts at M. S. University, Vadodara, the collection pays homage to the role, inspiration and light he offered to his students.  In many ways, Anant is a gurudakshina - a gesture of gratitude- from past students, which set the foundations to the Trust.

The portfolio is organized into 4 volumes, each of which can be viewed via the links below. Alternately, you can download a PDF file of the catalogue here