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The Purushottam Public Trust Initiatives

Purushottam Public Trust Initiatives
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At Purushottam Public Trust, we strongly believe in the will and spirit of the artist and his/ her creation. Our initiatives and efforts are geared to encourage, inspire and fuel this, constantly evolving ourselves to connect with and create new platforms for artists and print making. In keeping with this core endeavour, we offer our time, effort and expertise to further the pursuits of the Trust, as well as assist similarly aligned individuals and bodies in this field.


Our select group of trustees, as well as the exclusive network of artists and academicians we come with, bring a rich and unparalleled set of skills, knowledge and perspective with them. Focusing on the fine arts and print making, we are happy to share the pool of wisdom and first hand experience that we have consolidated within the field of contemporary Indian art. We invite government and private bodies, patrons and organisations in the field.

Purushottam Public Trust has identified four key aspects of Print Making that it seeks to contribute its expertise through:

1. Advisory : Purushottam Public Trust comes with a strong team of torchbearers in the field of contemporary Indian art and print making. We offer our expertise to similarly aligned bodies and organisations in an advisory capacity, using our know-how to direct your initiatives and efforts, informing and empowering you to achieve your objectives. 

2. Workshops and Training : We offer the technical and logistic expertise needed to curate, structure and execute relating to Print Making. Covering techniques such as etching, lithography, woodcut, linocut and more, these workshops and courses can be tailored to your target audience, across different age groups and proficiency levels. 

3. Exhibitions and Shows : At Purushottam Public Trust, we regularly organise exhibitions and shows (group and solo) for artists and students. Our expert eye allows us to curate inspiring and innovative exhibitions and experiences, that offer a much needed platform to the artists, and a voice to contemporary print making. 

4. Research and Publications : Information is vital to the growth and propagation of talent in the arts and print making. At Purushottam Public Trust, we are working to publish relevant material and works in the form of books and journals. However, we are happy to bring our expertise and guidance to you and collaborate on any publications or research that you may be undertaking.

If you are a public or private body / organisation working in the field of print making and contemporary Indian art, and would like to invite us on board, kindly get in touch with us.  You can contact us directly at +91 9899 379 770, or via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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