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At Purushottam Public Trust, we strongly believe that the accessibility of art is a gauge of freedom in a society. The Trust therefore seeks to encourage artistic exploration and endeavour through its primary initiatives. To this effect, we undertake and organize activities that help inform, educate, inspire both young artists and the public at large.

Working to support and promote high quality education and endeavors in the field of printmaking, the Trust has an annual calendar of events guided by our aims and objectives as an organization. With Purushottam Public Trust itself being seeded in an event, our emphasis remains on offering platforms and opportunities to artists, as well as creating mutually nurturing interfaces between artists and the public, through our events. These also offer a chance at pushing the boundaries of artistic endeavour through high quality

education of artists in technical and nontechnical aspects of the discipline of Print Making.

Bringing together a rich pool of knowledge, experience and insight, these events are curated in collaboration with eminent artists, like minded organizations and bodies, and prominent galleries and institutions. Our events largely take form as exhibitions and shows, lectures, seminars and workshops, including exhibitions and shows for promising students and young artists, such as under the aegis of the Purushottam Annual Merit Award. Through these we hope to contribute to the discipline of Printmaking and the opportunities at hand.

If you would like to contribute or collaborate with us in our efforts, kindly contact us directly to discuss the possibilities further. 

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AWARD CEREMONY 2014: The Purushottam Annual Merit Award Ceremony

Department of Graphics Arts, M. S. University, Vadodara

As a gesture towards promoting printmakers, the Purushottam Public Trust awarded the Purushottam Annual Merit Award for Printmaking 2012 - 2014 to Mr Murali Chinnasamy, by virtue of attaining the highest marks in the Graphic Arts Course (Practical) for the year 2012 - 2014, at the Department of Graphic Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda.

The award ceremony was organised at the Department of Graphics, Maharaja Sayajrao University of Baroda under the aeigis of the Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and the Head of the Department of Graphics. MSU is the premier institution of Contemporary Indian Art in the country, with the Department being well known the world over.

Mr. Chinnasamy  He received a monetary award of Rupees One Lac, and shall be showcasing his work at the end of the award cycle.

​About the Recipient

A gifted artist with a Masters degree in Printmaking, Mr. Chinnasamy has participated in numerous national exhibitions as well as international exhibitions, and is the recipient of a number of awards for his work.

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